Energy project given the go-ahead by CoW in Perth

Scott McLeish, senior business consultant with Honeywell Energy Services Group, answered Committee of the Whole questions in Perth on Tuesday, May 9.
Posted on: May 10, 2017

Sally Smith

Scott McLeish, senior business consultant with Honeywell Energy Services Group, was on hand at the May 9 Committee of the Whole in Perth to answer any questions before council passed a bylaw authorizing an agreement for the Honeywell engineering report to go ahead. Council also was asked to consider a budget deviation of $655,982 in order to undertake the projects recommended.

McLeish noted this was the same process that both Queens and Carleton Universities are undergoing, and commented that by going ahead with the project it sends a solid message of moving forward to achieve the towns energy, sustainability and infrastructure renewal goals.

Some of the benefits include a $45,360 annual energy saving (which represents 13 per cent of the towns current utility costs), a $3,219 annual operational and maintenance savings, and $414,532 in capital cost avoidance (which preserves capital for other critical priorities).

As well, undertaking the energy projects will reduce Perths greenhouse gas by 56 tonnes, renews facilitiesinfrastructure, enhances work environment, and promotes energy and environmental awareness.

Treasurer Lang Britchford assured councillors the town would accrue no new debt.
Councillor Jim Graff acknowledged the projects for the pool and community centre were expensive but the results add to quality of life.

Mayor Fenik added that by moving ahead with the projects it makes a safe space for our staff to work.

The town has sufficient reserve capacity to fund the entire contract; the total capital expenditures will be $923,140.

The motion and bylaw will go to council for final approval on May 30.