Do you ever wonder how violence impacts our behaviour and attitudes?

Posted on: July 5, 2017

I went to find something to watch the other night.  Every type of violence you can imagine was on the menu; human trafficking, terrorists, torture, shootings, rape, revenge, kidnapping, serial killers, bombs and guns. There are forests that aren’t as shady as some of these shows. I might never recover and I just read the titles.  

Am I the only one that thinks all this violence isn’t making us feel safe in the world? Are we corrupting our kid’s impressionable minds exposing them to such gore? Does it desensitize them to actual pain and suffering?  Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox.

I remember my daughters started watching Criminal Minds and suddenly I’m waking up to a large teenager sleeping in my bed.  

The media bombards us with violence every day. It’s a competitive industry and violence sells so they shove it down our throats.  Of course we’re saddened and outraged when it happens for real yet it’s not enough. We need more. That’s a strange paradox. The thing we’re horrified by also entertains us. I’m not sure what to make of society’s insatiable desire for violence. Feeling something is better than feeling nothing, I guess.   

When my son was little we wouldn’t let him play with toy guns or watch scary movies. The video games weren’t set up in our home.  We tried, like most parents, not to use the screen as a babysitter.  We did this for as long as we could.  Then one day in Grade 9 we got a call from Best Buy.  He just bought himself a new TV for his bedroom and spent the next 4 years making up for lost time. Turns out he’s not a violent criminal and has no association with gangs. Whew, what a relief!   

I started watching the Blacklist. Some of the nicest kindest people I’ve met love this show.  I’d rather dig ditches in my backyard.  I got to episode three and suddenly I’m up half the night hearing noises and double checking the doors. I’m not entertained, I’m scared to death. No more Blacklist for me. I want to feel safe in the world and I need my sleep.

First published in the June edition of Hometown News. Check out our digital version to read more of our June issue.