Feeding birds discouraged in Smiths Falls

Smiths Falls town hall.
Posted on: September 25, 2018

Sally Smith

Clerk Kerry Costello took direction from Council Monday night regarding feeding birds. Councillor Brennan, responding to a taxpayer complaining about people feeding “geese, seagulls and wildlife in neighbourhoods,”asked for more concrete guidance from the town.

Unlike Mary Poppins who encouraged her charges to take tuppence (two British pennies) and feed the birds with a bag of crumbs in St. Paul’s Square, residents of Smiths Falls are being discouraged from doing so.

Councillor Maloney even suggested “jail time” (tongue-in-cheek), while Brennan said the town needed “clarification,” and even a “little heat” to prevent the activity.

Costello thought it might warrant a “standalone by-law with a fine” and she would check with her colleague clerks in eastern Ontario.

One thought on “Feeding birds discouraged in Smiths Falls

  1. Janice

    There are already laws dealing with littering, that are not enforced. Figure a way to stop people from tossing their fast-food leavings and garbage out their car windows, and there’s half the problem solved. Good luck.

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