First cannabis themed golf course rolls into Lombard Glen

Joe Lopes, Jean and Dave Sherman and Gordon Weiske
Joe Lopes, Jean and Dave Sherman and Gordon Weiske pose in the Smiths Falls chamber of commerce boardroom on Jan. 24th. Photo credit: Emilie Must
Posted on: January 25, 2019

Emilie Must

Rolling Greens is Lombard Glen Golf & Country Club’s new name as of April 1st—but it’s no April Fool’s joke. Toronto-based business partners Gordon Weiske and Joe Lopes officially bought the golf course from Jean and Dave Sherman at the end of 2018.

Rolling Greens’ new owners have big plans for the golf course and for attracting tourists to Smiths Falls in the coming year. The golf course will only be for those age 19 years and older, featuring a drive-in movie theatre, mini-putt and virtual reality games.

“Smiths Falls will become the new cannabis capital of Canada,” Weiske said. “We will have a friendly environment that sparks cannabis.”

Rolling Greens plans to be open year round with both local and celebrity musical guests and have outdoor winter games. It will remain an 18-hole golf course, but with an expanded outdoor patio and an updated clubhouse.

“We’re not in the business of selling cannabis,” Weiske said.

However, cannabis use will be encouraged on the golf course.

“Intoxication is intoxication,” Weiske said. “We’re working very closely with Smart Serve to promote designated driving.”

“There will be more entertainment in year one—locally and celebrity,” Weiske said.

A celebrity golf tournament featuring big prizes is already in the works for this summer.

“We’re visionaries looking way into the future,” Weiske said. “In the long term we want Rolling Greens to be a resort.”

Another big plan is to make Smiths Falls a transportation hub for tourists. Weiske and Lopes are working with a part of Porter Airlines that will have direct flights from Toronto to Smiths Falls.

“We’re predicting daily flights here that will expand to Montreal and across Canada,” Weiske said. “Adding this element is big business. We’re really promoting a weekend in Smiths Falls.”

Rolling Greens has no affiliation with Canopy Growth, but hopes the golf course will encourage other cannabis producers to come to Smiths Falls.

“We’re here to really connect with the community,” Weiske said. “A new energy will be put in place.”

Jean and Dave Sherman have owned the golf course since 1998 and in April of last year they put it up for sale, catching the attention of Wieske and Lopes in the summer.

“We were looking specifically for a golf course where alcohol and smoking is allowed. We found Lombard Glen and came the next day,” Weiske said. “It was very serendipitous timing.”

However, the Sherman family will not be retiring. They are now employed by Rolling Greens to mentor them during the transition.

“We needed someone who had a bigger vision than we had,” Dave Sherman said.

Weiske and Lopes own another cannabis themed business called Cannabis & Coffee located in downtown Toronto that focuses on educating the public on the benefits of cannabis.

Weiske is also co-owner of Canwoods Entertainment Company in Toronto and has worked in the movie industry for 20 years.

15 thoughts on “First cannabis themed golf course rolls into Lombard Glen

  1. Scott Lorimer

    What a ridiculous idea. I have been a member at the course for around 30 years, No longer. These guys obviously have no idea about how to run a golf course. Imagine the liability issue with a bunch of stoned golfers driving around the course, not to mention the added danger of wayward drives hitting golfers. Worst of all, to not allow junior golfers to play is crazy. Youth is the future of the game. Good luck with your new venture, you will need it.

    1. BJ

      These people obviously don’t care about the game but are in this to take advantage of the big wave of popularity in cannabis since legalization. It’s all about making hay while the sun shines from cannabis tourism, and to hell with decency and good sportsmanship.

    2. Robert

      Personnaly l think they’re going to do just fine. I work at a golf course in the Valley and we have many golfers drinking while they play and haven’t had a problem with people getting hit with balls. We also have very few golfers under the age of 19. IMO for every golfer that will go to a different course someone will come to this one for the golfing plus other activities.

    3. Mike

      Hey Scott. Wayward drives???? Stoned golfers?? Yeah bunch of drunks don’t ruin it for everyone on a regular basis. Don’t even get me started on tournaments lol.
      You think weed has not been on courses since the60s . Canabis is the future my friend and I’m sure when prohibition ended the scotts of the world were cringing! I’m in!!!!!!!!!
      Peace. Cancel my membership at Perth.

    4. william antrim

      Sir you are an ill informed propagandist. I started golf at five or six, just with dad but by HIGH SCHOOL, I was captain of golf, tennis, ski team. Whole time I smoked marijuana for migranes, better then drugs they wanted to try, lower my blood pressure, addict me to NARCOTICS no thanks, so between three I made Michigan state then Grad school, at MIT phd in chemical I say replacements, my grant is keeping ten students very busy trying to catch up on all the med would should have if it weren’t for alarmists like you. I never once called a four stoned or not so, I say no one without a PHD should golf how would you feel, ignorant fool oh P.S. I tried out for our cross-country shooting team, made last round or would have been in Olympics, so I guess grass smokers are just great athletes

  2. Janice Trudel

    So disappointed with this decision. The golf course was one of the biggest factors in purchasing our home. Our kids have held memberships for the past 2 seasons and will no longer be able to walk over and golf. There are numerous youth who enjoy golfing close by. It’s a shame this won’t continue.

  3. Snoop Dog

    You’ve probably been playing around stoned golfers your whole life… No difference here… I do agree not letting kids in is a silly idea.

  4. Scott Stevens

    Cannabis is less detrimental to someone’s motor skills than drinking and I’ve seen so many company tournaments where people get blackout drunk and act insane. I agree juniors are the future of the game. They can go play up the street where Brooke grew up and people can get zooted and golf at Rolling Greens.

  5. CON BOS

    Hey at least stoned golfers won’t want fight .
    Plus stoned golfers are safer then a bunch of drunk golfers .

  6. Fred

    I agree that this is a silly half baked idea.
    I have played there since Jim Baxter owned the course. Juniors will suffer and also the golf itself. I hope the staff gets to be high also so that it’s not so annoying.
    Good luck selling anything but water on the course, stoners aren’t known for their drinking prowess.

  7. Fred

    I agree that this is a silly half baked idea.
    I have played there since Jim Baxter owned the course. Juniors will suffer and also the golf itself. I hope the staff gets to be high also so that it’s not so annoying.
    Good luck selling anything but water on the course, stoners aren’t known for their drinking prowless.

  8. Warren Garton

    Thanks to Dave and Jean Sherman for all your support for our community during your years at the course.

  9. Margaret

    Scott (not Lorimer)…weed or booze….you are still impairing yourself.
    William….there’s no way you have a PhD, with that grammar.
    I’m ashamed for the Sherman’s and for what the golf course is to become.

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