The former Smiths Falls Indoor Flea Market building has been sold

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Posted on: April 7, 2018


Photo submitted.

A familiar sight in the Township of Montague could look very different by this time next year.

The former Smiths Falls Indoor Flea Market building has been sold, and the Township of Montague is considering a rezoning proposal which will enable the new owners to build self-storage units in its place.  

According to the report, which was presented to Council on March 20th, the existing building would be removed and four large storage buildings would be built on the property.  Each proposed building would be 5400 square feet, with an additional 900 square foot space for retail on one building.

The former Smiths Falls Indoor Flea Market building, at 7497 Roger Stevens Drive, has been vacant for several years. Prior to its use as a flea market it was the home of Beaver Lumber.

The current zoning designation, Highway Commercial, allows for a wide range of commercial purposes but does not allow for self-storage. The rezoning proposal requests the property to be zoned Highway Commercial Special Exception, which would allow the property to be redeveloped for self-storage.

“Although self-storage is considered a passive use of space, it would be nice to have a facelift,” commented Jasmin Ralph, clerk-administrator with the Township of Montague.

Don’t look for construction any time this spring; the zoning amendment process takes approximately three months and would be followed by implementation of a site plan agreement.  

This proposal will be presented to the public at the next Montague Township Council public meeting.  Meetings are held at the township office, 6547 Roger Stevens Drive. The next public meeting will be held on May 1, 2018, at 6pm.