Sun and warmth enticed a crowd to annual book sale

It’s hard to decide. I’ll take two… Photo credit: Sally Smith
Posted on: June 11, 2019

It was a good day for a book sale.

Smiths Falls’ Friends of the Library volunteers set up their annual event in front of the library, and even before tables were filled with books, buyers were waiting. As tables became empty, volunteers added more…so for those who were looking there was something for everyone.

Families brought their kids, grandparents brought grandchildren, couples came, many came alone just to get a good deal — 10¢, 25¢, $1 or $2 — a bargain was a bargain.

Last year the sale raised “over $1,900” for library programs that are not otherwise budgeted, Katie Hoffman, chair of the Friends said. The sale has been a June event in the Town for “at least 15 years.” The Friends come out and sort and price the books (which have been donated), and money goes to programs such as the Breakfast Program at Duncan J. Schoular, or the teens after-school program.

Karen Schecter, CEO of the Smiths Falls Library, laughed a bit when she noticed one of the books that was being bought for a buck had a coloured dot still on it from last year’s sale; the books, she commented, are being re-re-cycled. She noted, if contributing books for next year, there is a need for “mass market paper backs” like romances. And she said even more quickly, please hang onto them until next year because the library doesn’t have room to store them.

The sale ran from 9 to 3 on Sunday when volunteers quickly dismantled tables and tidied Daniel Street opening it once again to traffic.

Article by Sally Smith