Full list of Municipal Election Candidates

Posted on: October 9, 2018

Here is a list of who we know is running for this Municipal Election. Select a community or scroll down to see them all.

BeckwithCarleton Place, Drummond North ElmsleyLanark Highlands, Merrickville-Wolford, Mississippi Mills, Montague, Perth, Rideau Lakes, Smiths Falls, Tay Valley, Westport





Richard Kidd Acclaimed Reeve
Sharon Mousseau Acclaimed Deputy Reeve
Faye Campbell Councillor
Tim Campbell Councillor
Brian Dowdall Councillor
Joe Dowdall Councillor
Kerri Nicholson-Watson Councillor
We did not recieve an official list of candidates for Beckwith. We apologize if we have missed anyone.

Carleton Place

Louis Antonakos Mayor
Douglas Black Mayor
Ralph Lee Mayor
Roland Wutherich Mayor
Rae Dulmage Deputy Mayor
Sean Redmond Deputy Mayor
Craig T. Rogers Deputy Mayor
Jeff Atkinson Councillor
Jamie DeBaie Councillor
Theresa M. Fritz Councillor
Carolyn Gerbac Councillor
Tracy Kwissa Councillor
Kyle McCulloch Councillor
Wes Parsons Councillor
Mark Piper Councillor
Edward (Toby) Randell Councillor
Jennifer Rogers Councillor
Linda Seccaspina Councillor
Andrew Roy Tennant Councillor
Paolo Villa Councillor

Drummond North Elmsley

Stephen Fournier Acclaimed Reeve
Paul Kehoe Councillor – Drummond
Sean Kennedy Councillor – Drummond
John Matheson Councillor – Drummond
Quentin Norwood Councillor – Drummond
Susan Brandum Councillor – North Elmsley
Cindy Laprade Councillor – North Elmsley
George W. Sachs Councillor – North Elmsley
Ray Scissons Councillor – North Elmsley

Lanark Highlands

Terry Lee Donaldson Mayor
Peter McLaren Mayor
Brian Stewart Mayor
Bob Mingie Deputy Mayor
Bill Neilson Deputy Mayor
Susan Berlin Councillor – Ward 1
Ron Closs Councillor – Ward 1
Linda Hansen Councillor – Ward 1
Isabel Anne McRae Councillor – Ward 3
Peter Rodger Councillor – Ward 3
Shannon Forsyth Councillor – Ward 4
William (Bill) Lloyd King Councillor – Ward 4
Ryan Hunter Councillor – Ward 5
Jeannie Kelso Councillor – Ward 5
Mary Kirkham Councillor – Ward 5


Anne Barr Mayor
Doug Struthers Mayor
Chuck MacInnis Mayor
David Nash Mayor
Yves Grandmaitre Councillor – Wolford Ward
Don Halpenny Councillor – Wolford Ward
Michael Cameron Councillor – Wolford Ward
Mark Scullino Councillor – Wolford Ward
Tony Iannazzo Councillor – Merrickville Ward
Timothy Molloy Councillor – Merrickville Ward
Bob Foster Councillor – Merrickville Ward

Mississippi Mills

Ken Laramboise Mayor
Christa Lowry Mayor
Steve Maynard Mayor
Paul Watters Mayor
Mario Coculuzzi Deptuy Mayor
David Hinks Deptuy Mayor
John Levi Deptuy Mayor
Jane Torrance Deptuy Mayor
Duncan Abbott Councillor – Almonte
John Dalgity Councillor – Almonte
Janet A. Maydan Councillor – Almonte
Jill McCubbin Councillor – Almonte
Tony Barr Councillor – Ramsay
John H. Edwards Councillor – Ramsay
Cynthia Guerard Councillor – Ramsay
Bev Holmes Councillor – Ramsay
Ken Kicksee Councillor – Ramsay
Vicki Barr McDougall Councillor – Pakenham
Denzil Ferguson Councillor – Pakenham


Bill Dobson Reeve
Pat Dolan Reeve
Jim Abbass Deputy Reeve
Vince Carroll Deputy Reeve
Klaas Van Der Meer Deputy Reeve
Jeffrey Carroll Councillor
G.J. Hagenaars Councillor
Karen Jennings (Francis) Councillor
Bonnie Leach (Burson) Councillor
Ian Streight Councillor
Joseph Zahab Councillor


Jim Boldt Mayor
John Fenik Mayor
John Gemmell Mayor
Jim Graff Deputy Mayor
Ed McPherson Deputy Mayor
Dave Bird Councillor
Judy Brown Councillor
Leona J. Cameron Councillor
Nathan Ferguson Councillor
Brock McPherson Councillor
Barry Smith Councillor

Rideau Lakes

Arie Hoogenboom Mayor
Robert Dunfield Mayor
Withdrawn Councillor – Bastard and South Burgess
Cathy Livingston Councillor – Bastard and South Burgess
Withdrawn Councillor – Bastard and South Burgess
Carolyn Bresee Councillor – Bastard and South Burgess
Jeff Banks Councillor – South Elsmsley
Marcia Cannon Councillor – South Elsmsley
Ronald Holman Councillor – South Elsmsley
Claire Louise Klein Gunnewiek Councillor – South Crosby
Linda Carr Councillor – South Crosby
Joan Delaney Councillor – South Crosby
Bob Lavoie Councillor – North Crosby
Ronald J. Pollard Councillor – North Crosby
Keitha Burtch Councillor – North Crosby

Smiths Falls

Joe Gallipeau Mayor
Shawn Pankow Mayor
Wendy Alford Councillor
Lorraine Allen Councillor
Jay Brennan Councillor
Dennis Buckley Councillor
Louis Daigle Councillor
Niki Dwyer Councillor
Sheldon Giff Councillor
John Maloney Councillor
Ken Manwell Councillor
Christopher McGuire Councillor
Peter McKenna Councillor
Dawn Quinn Councillor
Perry Weagle Councillor

Tay Valley

Brian Campbell Reeve
Susan Freeman Reeve
Keith Kerr Reeve
Barrie Crampton Deputy Reeve
Judy Farrell Deputy Reeve
Fred Dobbie Councillor – Bathurst Ward
Wayne Jordan Councillor – Bathurst Ward
Gene Richardson Councillor – Bathurst Ward
Doug Barr Councillor – Burgess Ward
Greg Hallam Councillor – Burgess Ward
Beverley Phillips Councillor – Burgess Ward
Mick Wicklum Councillor – Burgess Ward
Mark Burnham Councillor – Sherbrooke Ward
RoxAnne Darling Councillor – Sherbrooke Ward
Rob Rainer Councillor – Sherbrooke Ward


Robin Jones Acclaimed Mayor
Jackalyn Brady Councillor
Barry Card Councillor
Frank Huth Councillor
Mark Parliament Councillor
Robert J. Roberts Councillor
Wayne Sherwood Councillor
Melissa Sullivan Councillor