Good marketing draws tourists to Perth

Shannon Baillon.
Shannon Baillon, director of community services in Perth, gave a brief overview of the town’s tourism marketing to the Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Photo credit: Sally Smith.
Posted on: November 8, 2017

Sally Smith

Shannon Baillon, director of community services, presented the Perth Committee of the Whole with a fall season video on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Its the next in the four-season series of marketing the Town of Perth. A winter one is in the planning stages. Catchy music, inviting words, familiar scenes of the town encourage tourists to make Perth a drive-to destination. Baillon describes it as an experiencing, feeling and doingvideo.

Mayor John Fenik called it fabulous”, while councillor Judy Brown commented that it showed people genuinely having fun.

Baillon continued with her hopes about what Le Boat will bring to Perth in spring, summer and fall of 2018. Our goal is to have them come down the canal and then make the right or left turn into the Tay River towards Perth.

She added that, if you look closely at Le Boats website, there are many Canadian links and Perth is amongst them. Mayor Fenik suggested presenting the first Le Boat docking at Perth in 2018 with a gift basket and a warm welcome. Baillon continued that the boats fit on our dockseven though the docks are not huge, and there was a further suggestion to put some planning into how to entice Le Boat tourists into the town once docked.

Baillon finally commented that Perth is a big draw for weddings with the museum, Stewart Park and the Crystal Palace all available, and well used for the ceremony. Its not just the weddings, Councillor Brown commented, but the people they bring to town.