Governance Capacity Building Workshops for non-profits coming to Lanark County & Smiths Falls in May

Posted on: April 17, 2018


The issues facing volunteer board members of local non-profit organizations and charities are greater than ever, from strategic planning to community engagement. How do you achieve your mission? What does it mean to be a Board member? Who does what at the Board level? Why is community outreach so important? Where do we go to find answers to these questions? The answer to the last question is easy – attend the United Way Lanark County’s Governance Capacity Building Workshops being held in May of this year!

“Part of our mission is to bring people and resources together to build a strong, healthy and safe community for all,” says Helen McIntosh, Chair of the United Way Lanark County (UWLC). “Based on feedback from community partners who expressed a need for tools for effective Board membership, we’ve created a series of workshops to help volunteer Board members and staff understands their role in their local non-profit or charity organization. As a volunteer myself, I know that joining a Board is a big decision,” continued McIntosh, “and you want to help your organization be effective and true to its mission. At United Way, we appreciate this opportunity to contribute to the capacity building of the non-profit sector in our communities.”

This series of 3 workshops will help build the capacity of the non-profit sector in Lanark County and Smiths Falls by exploring a range of issues under three main headings:

  • Workshop 1 on May 5 (9AM to 3PM): Leading with Intent – this workshop will cover: Thinking about your mission –An overview of Board Roles & Responsibilities – Learning about practical tools and approaches to governance work – Examining how to build and sustain a positive and productive Board team – Connecting with colleagues and exploring opportunities for collaboration (taking place in Almonte);
  • Workshop 2 on May 17 (6:30PM to 9:30PM): Leading for Impact – This workshop will provide an opportunity for Lead Staff (EDs) and Board Chairs to explore approaches to leading their organizations. It will also provide a great opportunity for individuals who are or may be considering taking on Board Chair or ED roles to prepare for those positions (taking place in Beckwith);
  • Workshop 3 on May 31 (6:30PM to 9:30PM): Community Engagement and Community Building for Non-Profit Boards – This workshop is intended to create opportunities for Lead Staff (EDs) and Board Chairs to explore approaches to helping their organizations to be more “outward facing” and engaged in community building (taking place in Beckwith).


“The community, and funders at all levels – community based, private foundations, governments – local, provincial or federal – are looking for organizations to show they have their governance process in order,” notes Fraser Scantlebury, Regional Director, UWLC. “These workshops will provide guidance and excellent ideas on ensuring your non-profit or charity is meeting the standards the community expects, and offers both current and prospective Board Members and staff a road map to work successfully on achieving their mission,” continued Scantlebury.

These workshops will be facilitated by Mike Coxon, from Third Sector Consulting. Coxon, who recently retired as CEO of Mills Community Support Corporation, brings over 30 years of experience in the non-profit and charitable sector to his work in the board building sector, and is a strong believer in encouraging generative governance. As one of the few Board Source Certified Governance Trainers (CGT) in Canada, he understands clearly the issue facing today’s non-profit Boards. “There are tough decisions facing Board members and staff in this sector as they negotiate the desires of their constituents and the broader community,” says Coxon. “Understanding how to effectively govern their organization and handle the Board/staff interactions, while at the same time providing leadership and community engagement in a quickly changing landscape, are essential for success. My goal based on a blend of hands-on experience with organizational management and as a consultant/facilitator, is to provide an interactive session that allows folks to gain experience and walk away with the tools they need to succeed”, notes Coxon.

To find more information about the sessions, or to register for the workshops, please go to and look for the link to the workshops. All 3 workshops are available for $100, while attendance at Workshop 1 is $60 and $30 each for workshops 2 & 3.

To register or for any questions please contact Fraser Scantlebury, United Way Lanark County at or call 613-253-9074.