Housing corporation redevelopment project moves forward

Posted on: December 18, 2017


Council has approved the hiring of a contract position for at least one year to oversee the redevelopment/regeneration process for properties held by the Lanark County Housing Corporation (LCHC). At the community services committee meeting earlier this month, Social Services Director Nancy Green explained the position would report to the county CAO, as Lanark County is the sole shareholder of the LCHC. The position will be funded from reserves or other sources that become available to offset the cost.

In addition, a Housing Redevelopment/Regeneration Advisory Committee will be formed that consists of three county councillors (one being the community services committee chair); two LCHC board members (with one being the chair), the county CAO, the director of social services or the social housing manager, the LCHC executive director and the new coordinator. Regular progress reports would be provided to council and the board.

Green explained redevelopment/regeneration was identified as a key strategic objective in 2013, with the Joseph/Edward/Pattie Street properties in Carleton Place identified as an initial priority. “Redevelopment is a time-consuming and complex process,” she said. “While the LCHC has been doing its due diligence in exploring various options for redevelopment of these properties, it has reached a stage whereby additional resources must be considered to conduct a comprehensive analysis and achieve the best possible solutions to address identified housing gaps.”

Green said having a coordinator would allow the LCHC to focus on ongoing daily operations and other strategic objectives, while providing a broader strategic approach to addressing the housing needs across the county. This would include such components as the redevelopment project, relocating affected tenants, alternative options for vacant units, developing a long-term strategic housing renewal plan for the whole portfolio, identifying current housing needs through a needs analysis, identifying short- and long-range options for redevelopment/regeneration, and establishing a work plan.

Green added the role will also provide coordination between the LCHC and the county as the shareholder and service manager. “This additional contract position will allow us to take that necessary comprehensive look at all aspects during the planning and implementation phases as we move forward.”

For more information, contact Kurt Greaves, CAO, at 1-888-9-LANARK, ext. 1101.