The Hungry 7 in Perth — More than a simple lunch/dinner pit stop

Posted on: March 1, 2018

Brian Turner 

When the current owners took the chance and won an open-bid auction of the former Minuteman diner building on the very busy Hwy 7 commercial corridor in Perth to set up their own take on a lunch/dinner restaurant back in 2013, they knew they would have to offer something very different to separate themselves from the large and aggressive competition in their neighbourhood.

The owners, Dave and Jennifer, planned and executed a complete building transformation and renovation/addition project. The results are a warm inviting dining room with a purposely designed open and visible kitchen to welcome visitors and regulars alike and let them know exactly what goes into every fresh-made plate and meal.

Jennifer often comments that they had regulars from day one; former Minuteman customers that were curious to see how one of their favourite hang-outs transformed and who were enticed to stay on after the first taste of Dave’s delectable fares.

Dave’s time as a chef at some of the best Italian restaurants from Ottawa to Toronto will explain why you will find a good variety of mouth-watering pasta dishes on the menu alongside traditional soup and sandwich lunch offerings.  All his sauces are individually prepared from locally sourced seasonal ingredients, which accounts for their memorable effects on the taste buds.

You’ll also find new takes on favourite comfort foods like their extremely popular Hungry 7 burger, or Dave’s famous roast chicken or steak frites. But the Hungry 7 will let you expand your taste journey to new horizons with treats like their grilled Jamaican chicken sandwich served with fresh-fruit salsa for example.

And sides are not simply an afterthought at the Hungry 7.  There’s a large selection of fresh-made salads topped with Dave’s unique take on favourite dressings and his daily choice for homemade soups draws people in, and in large numbers. Think of concoctions like butternut squash and leek or chili beef with corn and black-bean.

To cater to those that think lunch or dinner, even at a roadside diner, should be a relaxing civilized affair, the Hungry 7 is licensed for both wine and beer.  Even in this area, Dave and Jennifer’s love for nearby resources shines as they select locally crafted beers and international wines.

Leave room for dessert and you won’t be disappointed with Dave’s housemade cakes and pies.  They are a perfect ending to a great lunch or dinner.  From traditional such as carrot or hummingbird cakes to more adventurous creations like chocolate paté or mixed berry cake, they will satisfy every taste and appetite.

During my recent visit on a cold blustery winter day, I enjoyed a very non-traditional club sandwich platter made with large chunks of roasted chicken and thick crispy slices of bacon served on lightly toasted sourdough bread. Service was fast, friendly, and knowledgeable and the open expansive view provided by the Hungry 7’s large windows made me forget the frost outside.

The Hungry 7’s official address is 34 Dufferin Street Perth, but in reality it’s on the south side of Highway 7 between the two major traffic lights and easily accessed from either west or east bound lanes. They have plenty of parking, too.

They offer take-out services as well and are open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter to get the first look at their amazing daily specials board as well as special holiday meal events.  And you can always reach them by phone at 613 466 0692.

This article first appeared in the February 2018 issue of Hometown News. Check out more from that issue online.