Improvement plans, backyard parties and rising fees in Perth

Posted on: January 18, 2017

By Sally Smith

  • Additional funding in the amount of $1,075.64 was authorized Jan. 17 at Perth Committee of the Whole meeting for the improvement project for 53 Herriott, Codes Mill on the Park. Initially, the community improvement plan (CIP) advisory panel approved the project for $3,924.36 based on a quote value of $11,892; additional repairs were needed once underway. The 2016 CIP budget has enough funds to cover the amount.
  • A recommendation for an exemption from the Municipal Alcohol Policy Bylaw was approved Jan. 17 at Perth’s Committee of the Whole meeting as part of Perths celebrations for Canadas sesquicentennial. The street party will be held June 30, located on Gore Street between Foster and Colbourne from 7:30 to 10:30. The evening, with the theme – Explore Our Backyard – is planned to be revenue neutral with expense and revenue budgets being $16,000 each.

  • An administrative amendment was recommended at the Jan. 17  Committee of the Whole meeting in Perth to keep community centre fees at the 2016 rates until Sept. 1, 2017. At that time they will be raised by 2.1 per cent, and on Jan.1 for each subsequent year. This is undertaken through Perths strategic initiative – living within our financial means, ensuring Perths tax rate is affordable both today and in the future.