Integrity Commissioner for Lanark County?

Posted on: June 15, 2017

Sally Smith 

Perth Committee of the Whole passed a motion on June 13 to participate in a Lanark County Request for Proposal for the services of an integrity commissioner. The motion was initiated by the Lanark County and Smiths Falls ClerksGroup. The Commissioner would be appointed over a five-year contract on a fee-for-service or a retainer-plus-fee-for-service-basis.

Details have yet to be written so well have to waitfor full information,” explained Lauren Walton, Perth clerk explained. Costs to the municipality would depend on the number of potential investigations year to year. In 2016, Bill 68 Modernizing Ontarios Municipal Legislation Act (now passed) was introduced to respond to concerns with respect to the municipalitys ability to regulate environmental issues, specifically climate change.

Main changes of interest to Lanark County and local municipalities include: general municipal powers, accountability and transparency, conflict of interest, governance, practices and procedures, financial and taxation matters, elections, labour relations.

In 2007 Local Authority Services (LAS) was placed on retainer to Perth with Closed Meeting Investigator services should an investigation be required. A $10,000 reserve was set aside to pay for the services if needed. Walton reminded council members that the reserve was still there and we could use the funds should we have an application,but the annual retainer fee would be excluded. The motion will go to council June 27.