International Women’s Day at Carleton Place Staples

Posted on: March 9, 2017

Jane Hobson

Carleton Place Staples hosted its fourth annual International Women’s Day business event yesterday (March 8) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Staples locations across Canada participate in this celebration by inviting female entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and share their stories.

Sixteen women set up displays inside Carleton Place Staples to promote their local business. Some of the showcased businesses included jewellry made from upcycled items like jeans, seashells and dominoes. A few mortgage brokers were present along with make-up professionals, Canadian-made children’s products and more — all from Carleton Place.

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“It’s important that we partner with women entrepreneurs to support local women in business because it helps their business grow,” said Carolyn Arnott, the general manager at Staples. “This is the best turn-out we’ve had doing this event.” Arnott has managed the Carleton Place Staples location since it opened 10 years ago.

“I am thrilled to be part of setting this up and having the opportunity to see so much amazing local talent,” said Julie Hunter, the copy centre lead at Staples.