Interruption from the floor changes tone of meeting

Carol Anne Knapp
Carol Anne Knapp asked a question from the floor at the Smiths Falls All-Candidates’ meeting Thursday night. Photo credit: Sally Smith.
Posted on: October 6, 2018

Sally Smith

It took one woman’s voice Thursday night to change the tone of the All-Candidates’ meeting in Smiths Falls. Carol Anne Knapp stood at the end of the debate between would-be councillors and mayoral candidates and asked to ask a question of the 13 candidates, nine of them men. This dramatic action was very much against the stated rules of the evening. Above the noise, Knapp explained she had composed a question and submitted it.

“The vetting machine decided this question was too improper to be asked. I decided, in 2018, it was too improper not to be asked,” she wrote on her Facebook page.
Paul Howard, moderator, was polite in asking her to sit down.

She went ahead: “Have you ever inappropriately abused the power you have over a woman, either in your employ or who is your tenant?”

Knapp’s Facebook page explains further: “…I speak for those who don’t feel they have a voice. I was approached by some and heard of others who have been subject to exploitation by a man who is in a position of power and is running for council.

“…We cannot allow men to think that it is “OK” to ignore the misuse of power. Let’s hope we have a balance of power on the brand new council that reflects not only that women should be respected but that the women who are running are probably the most highly qualified and experienced candidates in the race!”

2 thoughts on “Interruption from the floor changes tone of meeting

  1. Gail Ritchie

    I was at that meeting and although this young lady may have written her comments that way she did not say that when she stood at the time of the meeting, it sounded to me that she was accusing one of the candidates of wife abuse.

  2. Mike

    I was there for this. It was not accusatory in the least and if we know the candidates and the community they wish to serve, it was appropeau and not about wife abuse.

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