James Reith gets first-ever Mayor’s Good Deed Award

James Reith.
James Reith grins just before receiving the Mayor’s Good Deed Award. Reith is the first recipient of the award. Photo credit: Sally Smith.
Posted on: March 21, 2018

Sally Smith

James Reith was in Council Chambers Tuesday March 20. He wasn’t there to make a presentation, he wasn’t there to complain, or just to listen, he was there to get an award. Mayor John Fenik tells the story like this: It was a cold, snowy day in February when someone dropped a cell phone in the slush and muck of a downtown street in Perth. Most would pass on by with barely a glance, or shrug and wonder how that person would be able to function without the phone.

But who should come along, asks Mayor Fenik, but James Reith, a familiar face around Perth, on his early morning walk. He stopped and picked up the phone. But then he did something that others might not have – he took the phone to a nearby local coffee shop, and turned it in “so it could be returned to the original owner.”

Mayor Fenik presented the initial Mayor’s “Good Deed” Award to Reith on behalf of council and the community. “We all recognize James as a very worthy recipient and most importantly a good citizen of the Town of Perth. We are all proud of him and his actions.”