Kanata Laser fizzle out against Carleton Place Canadians

Posted on: November 13, 2017

Harrison Field

Searching for a win after their shootout loss on Nov. 10, The Carleton Place Canadians took another win away from the Kanata Lasers at the Carleton Place arena with a score of seven to two on Nov. 12.  

You could describe the game a number of ways, but you could not say that it was not exciting.  

The puck wouldn’t stay in one zone for long, with a healthy number of shots for both sides; although the number of shots that hit the net were limited.  Shots were either going wide of the nets or being deflected before they could reach the back.

At the first power-play of the game, the Canadians were able to get up close and personal with the Lasers.  This gave Zachary Tupker the opportunity he needed to fire the puck at the back of the net.  

This wasn’t the only goal of the period, with about a minute left Samuel Knoblauch caught a rebound in front of the Lasers net and was able to push it in to go into the second period with a two-goal lead.  

Coming back into the second period, the Canadians made use of their refreshed legs and scored twice within the first three minutes of play with goals from Jack Clark and Travis Broughman.  

The Canadians had more puck control and zone control in the second period and proved it with a slurry of goals before reaching the halfway point, with a fifth and sixth goal from Sam Allison and Geoff Kitt.  

Jeremie Forget was not able to keep all shots away from the back of the net, however, as a boarding penalty for the Canadians opened up a chance for Kanata to take some shots on net.  After some bounces in the Canadian zone, a tip from Luca Nocita led to the first goal of the game for the Lasers.  

The Lasers kept the momentum rolling and were able to catch the Canadians too far forward.  Connor Rider was able to position his shot into the top left pocket, flying past Forget’s glove.

While the Lasers were determined to fight to the bitter end, Justin Cmunt was able to get the seventh and final goal in.  

The final period had a total of 12 penalties, with seven occurring at the same time when a fight broke out between the two teams.  None of the penalties were longer than two minutes.  

The Canadians next home game will see them facing off against the Rockland Nationals at 3:00 p.m. on Nov. 19 at the Carleton Place Arena.