Kemptville 73’s fold under pressure from Carleton Place Canadians

Posted on: November 6, 2017

Harrison Field

While the game didn’t kick off with an early goal like usual, The Carleton Place Canadians were able to keep the pressure on the Kemptville 73’s for a 7-1 win at the Carleton Place Arena on Sunday, Nov. 5.

The Kemptville 73’s were able to hold off the Canadians at first, making it one of the few home games where the Carleton Place Canadians did not score in the first five minutes of hockey play.

The Canadians kept a constant and consistent pressure on the 73’s, but Nick Bond was able to shut down the plays before a goal could be scored.

The 73’s were able to kill off penalties with a strong blue line defence and shot deflection, not allowing the Canadians to set up in their zone.

Shortly after a penalty against the Canadians and what could have been a power shift for the 73’s, Zack Tupker of the Carleton Place Canadians scored the first goal of the game with just over five minutes left in the first period.

The final five minutes saw a slew of penalties for both teams, which would be a trend for the rest of the game. The penalties led to a stint of both four-on-four and five-on-three hockey, but no goals were scored during either.

It wasn’t until there were 15 seconds left that Justin Cmunt scored for the Canadians.

The 73’s were not going to skate into the second period without a goal. A shot from Eric Faith with a mere three seconds left ensured that the Canadians only had a one goal lead heading into the second.

The penalties continued later into the match, but the only power play goal didn’t come until the third period with a shot from Samuel Knoblauch.

Despite all of the penalties, the only 10-minute misconducts came in the third period, with a fight breaking out between Damian Figueira of the Kemptville 73’s and Brett Thorne of the Carleton Place Canadians.

Other goals from the Canadians came from Tim Theocharidis with another from Connor Hill not 30-seconds after, with Sam Allison and Ben Tupker also scoring.

The next home game will take place on Nov. 10 against the Nepean Raiders at 7:45 p.m. at the Carleton Place Arena.