Lanark County boasts two electric vehicle charging stations

Electric car charging stations in Lanark County
Posted on: July 18, 2017


First on the scene was the electric charging station at the Fall River Restaurant, located at 21980 Highway 7 in Maberly. It was officially opened by Tay Valley Township Reeve Keith Kerr in 2015. Drivers can charge their car for free. The station is available at the courtesy of the Maberly Bakery located at the same address as the restaurant, so folks planning to charge their vehicle en route are advised to call ahead (613-268-2197), especially in winter.

Mississippi Mills unveiled its first public electric vehicle charger this May thanks to a public-private partnership between the municipality, Canadian Hydro Components (CHC), the Mississippi River Power Corp. (MRPC) and the Ottawa River Power Corporation. It is located at the southwest corner of the CHC property at 16 Main St. W. in Almonte. A second charger on the building for CHC employees is available for the public outside of office hours. Users access the power by swiping a credit card. The first two hours are free and then a $4-per-hour rate applies.

MRPC generates electricity just 230 metres from the location of the charger, meaning drivers can expect most of the electrons come from a renewable source.

“Our communities recognize that residents and visitors are embracing new technologies and are leading by example,” said Marie White, Lanark County Tourism manager. “This is just one more way Lanark County is able to accommodate our visitors and residents, and it gives people a chance to enjoy and explore some beautiful sites while they charge up.”

Mobile phone apps are available to help tourists find stations as they travel.


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