Lanark Highlands mayor candidate – Terry Donaldson

Terry Donaldson
Terry Donaldson
Posted on: October 5, 2018

Terry Donaldson Municipal Election Candidate Profile

I’m Terry Donaldson and I’m running for Mayor in the Township of Lanark Highlands. I live on the outskirt of Lanark Village as well as own property within Lanark Highlands. I spent the last 30 years of my career in management at the Township of Lanark Highlands and recently retired this year.  Prior to that, I served the community for two terms as a councillor. I’ve held many volunteer positions in Lanark Highlands including serving on the Library Board and Museum Board. I was an active volunteer in the Lanark Highlands Lob Ball League. I was involved in Minor Hockey in Lanark Highlands in both the role of president and coach. I was also part of the Clyde Memorial Ball Park Resurrection. I also owned a business in Lanark Village for twenty years as did my wife, Kathie, for five years. It goes without saying that I will absolutely be a mayor that cares.

The three top issues facing Lanark Highlands and its residents that I would like to tackle with the help of six other like-minded council members are: staffing, the fire department and growth/development. First, it’s imperative that we hire a CAO as well as a full-time treasurer. Next, I think we need to hire a full-time Fire Chief, preferably from within the fire department. I plan to listen to all the firefighters concerns and work towards a common goal of serving the people. Finally, we need to encourage growth and development in our Township to build the tax base. We must help people build homes and encourage businesses to come here, as well as apply for all the possible grants that are available to us.

I’d like to have the opportunity to be the change the Township needs to get it thriving again. I would appreciate your vote this Fall for Mayor of Lanark Highlands.