Lane closures on bridge scheduled

Downtown Smiths Falls.
Posted on: August 28, 2018

Sally Smith

Malcolm Morris, Smiths Falls CAO, spoke briefly about the Town’s bridge construction at Committee of the Whole Monday night. It’s proceeding on schedule, he said, acknowledging “There are days with no activities but no one should be alarmed. This is not uncommon for bridge construction projects.

“Lane closures on the southbound lane are scheduled from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on August 28,” he added. “There will be a crane on site to lift girders into place, but [work] is expected to be finished by 5 p.m. when the lane will re-open.”

When everything’s finished on one side they “switch over and do exactly the same thing on the east side.“ The bridge is on track to be finished by the end of November. “The weather has been in our favour this summer.”

Morris also noted the Town has received good news from the Ministry of the Environment about approval for Beckwith St. reconstruction.

Plans submitted for underground storm and sanitary works were not expected to be approved until November/December. “We have the approval now,” he said.

This means the Town is better positioned to apply for funding for Connecting Links’ October intake and that it is in a “position of strength for that application. We’re delighted.”

He added that the Town will reach out to buildings that front on Beckwith to talk about service upgrades.

In other words, Councillor Cummings said, it’s a long construction period, a complex issue and “the bridge will not be done any time soon.”

Kerry Costello, Smiths Falls Clerk, reminded Smiths Falls voters to call Town Hall as of September 4 when the  voters’ list will be ready for the 2018 October 22 municipal election

“If not on the list,” she said, “forms are available.” Identification is required and it’s painless “to be added.”

To vote you have to reside in Ontario, be a Canadian citizen, and be 18. As this election is using internet telephone voting for the first time, a voter information session is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25 at 6:30, upstairs at the arena.

Art Manhire, Manager of Community Services, asked council members to award a tender to Toronto Court Equipment for remediation of the tennis courts.

A tender process for resurfacing all six tennis courts — Lower Reach Park and the Community Centre — brought in one quote at $102,945. Manhire noted that $150,000 had been budgeted, so there is a savings in the range of $47,000. Work will involve repairing fence posts, removal and replacement of net posts and inserts, court levelling, crack repair, acrylic resurfacing, painting, new lines and minor fence repairs. Work will start in September.

The Town consulted with Tennis Canada during the process. This will give the courts at least another 10 years life expectancy, said Manhire.