Lent traditions

Word on the street by Jane Hobson
Posted on: April 13, 2017

Jane Hobson

The Lenten season is a time of fasting, moderation and spiritual discipline that last for 40 days for Christians. This year, lent started on Ash Wednesday (March 1) and ends on the Thursday before Easter (April 13).

The purpose is to set aside time to reflect on the suffering, sacrifice, life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The tradition dates back at 325 A.D.

Many people who are not religious participate in lent by giving something up, like drinking pop or eating chips. Modernly, there are many ways celebrate the Lenten season, either by giving something up or by incorporating a positive new habit.

Hometown News reporter Jane Hobson took to the streets to ask people about their lent traditions.

First appeared in the April issue of Hometown News