Let’s Eat: Fast food done right at Law & Orders

Lets Eat: Laws & Orders.
Laws & Orders. Photo credit: Submitted.
Posted on: June 1, 2017

Brian Turner

There’s nothing better in this country than the onset of our glorious summers.  Warm weather and plenty of sunshine beckon us to cottages, lakes, rivers, and campgrounds and finding a great place to recharge ourselves with some delicious hand-crafted food makes our journeys that much more enjoyable.  On that very popular commuting and vacation route, Highway 7, you can find the gem known as Law & Orders at the Mississippi River in Innisville between Carleton Place and Perth.

The place serves everything you’d expect from a roadside eatery but all with an unexpected twist of quality and care. It has hand-cut fries, hand-formed, fresh-never-frozen beef burgers, great sandwiches, and of course poutine to die for.

When the owner Jamie Law was thinking of a menu line to keep things busy during the cooler months, pizza came to the top of the list.  His stone ovens are just as busy now that the warmer weather has arrived as they were in the cold of winter. Law smiles when he says that the only complaint he’s ever gotten about his food was too much cheese on his pizzas.

The special combination of an almost endless choice of fresh toppings on everything served makes much of the menu a one-of-a-kind experience. The burgers are cooked the only way that burger aficionados desire, on a flat-top so that they stay juicy and don’t dry out.

The newly rebuilt building has a large patio-deck out to the side which is accessed via a large glass-paneled roll-up garage door.  Law & Orders is fully wheelchair accessible and is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

You can reach them at 613-253-5558 (found on thousands of smart-phone speed-dial lists) and you can check them out online at lawandorders.ca.

The prices are comparable to most fast-food outlets, but the similarities end there.  If you want to take a trip back in time to when fast food was fresh and mouth-watering, head out to Law & Orders.

First appeared in the May issue of Hometown News.