Local bird rescue inundated since saving 100 plus birds from single home

Posted on: January 10, 2018

Janelle Labelle


Feathered Haven Parrot Rescue in Smiths Falls typically rescues birds one at a time, when their owners are no longer able to care for them or for various other reasons. This week, however, they found themselves tasked with the rescue and care of over 100 birds in one fell swoop.

Jill Woods, who runs Feathered Haven Parrot Rescue, was contacted by family members of the birds’ owner, who had been evicted from her Kanata home and no longer able to care for the many birds left behind.

Feathered Haven Parrot Rescue been part of larger rescues in the past, but never one of this magnitude. “We were very fortunate to have so much willing, qualified help on hand: vets technicians were on site and volunteers familiar with avian rescue,” says Woods.

Volunteers removed 106 finches and two canaries from the home and transport them to Feathered Haven Parrot Rescue where they are currently in quarantine. They are being tested for disease and under the care of Dr. Paul O’Neill of Island City Animal Hospital, a board certified Avian Veterinarian in Brockville.

Before placing the birds with anyone, Woods notes that all birds are having thorough checkups with the vet. “They could possibly have diseases, sharing among themselves or even diseases which pass to humans. We want to rule all that out before placing them in homes.” This process could take up to three weeks.

In the next month, once the birds have been given a clean bill of health, Feathered Haven will be seeking foster homes and/or permanent homes for all 108 birds.

Woods says she could not have managed the rescue without the volunteers who rallied around and helped out. “[Thank you] to everyone who donated cages and or their time and expertise, food and other items … miracles do happen! The love, respect and admiration I hold for each and every one of you is truly what allows our beaten hearts to continue on rescuing.”

Woods is pragmatic and modest about her role in the rescue, saying, “You do what you need to do. Rescue is not about any fame or glory, simply about being a clean-up crew to others’ mistakes, no matter what the reason, and doing what needs to be done.”

Care of the rescued birds is a large and ongoing project and Feathered Haven welcomes any donations of flight cages, finch food, bottles of bleach, and paper towels. All can be brought to 45 Beech St in Smiths Falls.

The rescue is also accepting financial donations to cover the birds’ vet bills, and volunteers to transport the birds to and from the vet. “No donation is too small to help,” Woods smiles. “Every dollar is a valuable dollar.”
Anyone wanting to give online may donate via Paypal; the account is JillAWoods@aol.com.