Looking for a solution for missing pedestrian bridge

Pedestrians in Smiths Falls are waiting for a solution for the missing link between Turtle Island and the south shore. Photo credit: Sally Smith.
Posted on: May 14, 2018

Sally Smith

We’re not going to get it soon, but when the pedestrian bridge from small Turtle Island to the south shore is done (for the second time) it will be “serviceable, safe and there for a long time,” says Art Manhire, Director of Community Services with the Town. “We’re in the process of looking for a solution now,” he adds, but there is no time line.

The south bridge felt the impact of  record high waters and water speed last year. Manhire describes the water flow at “over 180 cubic metres per second” at times last year. For the four years before 2017, and now, the speed is 60 cubic metres per second.

“We’re looking for a solution with the people who built the bridge last year. If they can’t come up with one, we’ll put out a tender,” Manhire says. The cost of the bridge came in at around $60,000.

Links Bridges Inc. out of Kanata and Brooksville, Florida constructed and put up both bridges – north and south. The north one leading off Park Avenue onto Turtle Island is sturdy and solid; the south one is missing and has been missing since October. “They (Links) removed it,” Manhire says. “We want one that’s not compromised,” he adds.

Don Ferrar, the contact for Links Bridges, when called about the bridge, admitted “There isn’t a bridge there,” but when questioned further hurriedly had to take another call. Manhire wants “the right solution to complete the pedestrian link.”

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  1. Ivan Schroeder

    Yup you get what you pay for and the worst part is we the tax payers a getting royalt screwed.

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