Mayor Doug Black announces major funding for central bridge project

Posted on: August 28, 2019

At the end of a routine session of Carleton Place council on Aug 27, Mayor Doug Black took the opportunity under the announcements section of the agenda to bring some welcome news on the upcoming central bridge replacement.  He read a letter from Minister of Infrastructure, Laurie Scott indicating that the town was successful in obtaining major funding from both the provincial and federal governments totaling almost $4.17M ($1.67M from Queen’s Park and $2.5M from Ottawa).  This leaves municipal coffers being only responsible for $833,500 or less than 17% of the total before any overruns.  It’s a much more enviable position for local taxpayers than the usual one-third share that municipalities have historically funded in major projects when upper level governments partner in support with a third each.

Black took the time to thank the current and previous councils for their work on the file and especially the town’s staff for their invaluable efforts which ended in a very positive conclusion.

Article by Brian Turner