Too many apples on your lawn? The Table can harvest for you

Posted on: September 19, 2018


The Table Community Food Centre makes healthy food available to the Perth community and uses food as a tool to build health, hope and community. At this time of year The Table benefits from the great abundance of fresh healthy produce available in our local gardens, yards and orchards. Unfortunately there is also much food that never gets harvested and so goes to waste, rotting on lawns and gardens.

The Table can help people who have fruit trees or extra garden produce to harvest it in return for a share of nature’s bounty that is split between the harvesters and The Table’s food programs. Organizing such harvests is a win-win-win as it increases the food available for distribution in the Good Food Bank, for Community Meals and for Community Kitchens. Harvest can also be a fun and social outing for the harvesters – helping with The Table’s community building goal. Harvesting unwanted fruit will also help property owners avoid the mess and waste created when things are left to fall and rot.

If you have an apple tree and/or other fruit trees or bushes that you wish to share with the community, or know of nearby trees available for harvesting, please let The Table Community Food Centre, know.  The Table is also grateful for donations and deliveries of garden produce and tree fruit that are in good condition. Please no windfalls, crab apples or massive zucchinis.

For more information or to make arrangements for a harvest please contact Ramsey Hart, Executive Director of The Table at 613-267-6428 x 8,