Mayor’s Climate Change Task Force replaced by advisory panel

Posted on: January 17, 2018

Sally Smith

With some discussion, and a vote of five for, one against, the Mayor’s Task Force on Local Climate Change was repealed, to be replaced by the creation of a Climate Change Sustainability Advisory Panel. Mayor John Fenik emphasized this was not a committee but an advisory panel when questioned by councillor Jim Boldt who felt that, going forward, there was no need for another committee. His thinking is that, committee or panel, “we will continue to reduce our carbon footprint.” Fenik says that engaging citizens “costs nothing” and that the panel would be volunteer driven.

“It’s an initiative that will fade away unless it’s supported,” he says.

A draft terms of reference will be created to give direction to the new advisory panel. Positions on the panel will be advertised locally with the striking committee to meet in early 2018 to make the appointments. Funding for the panel ($5,000) has been included in the 2018 budgetary process. The motion will go to council Jan. 23.