Members of the Naismith Men’s Shed are home!

Men's Shed
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Posted on: November 12, 2018


The Naismith Men’s Shed is pleased to announce it now has a place to call home – or at least, to call its Shed!

The Shed membership has completed its quest to be an active group in the Mississippi Mills community and today it is signing up to volunteer at the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, which is owned and operated by Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA). This will be a symbiotic arrangement, giving the Naismith Men’s Shed access to the Mill’s Gatehouse to hold their meetings, as well as custodianship of the shed structure adjacent to the parking lot.

Shedders look forward to working with MVCA operations staff by undertaking tasks within their capabilities and also helping to stock the R. Tait McKenzie and Dr. James Naismith Museums’ gift shop with handmade crafted items.

Shedders plan to continue their twice-monthly breakfasts at Mamma’s Place in Almonte while the Mill provides a place for member drop-ins and workspace for hobbies and crafts.

Included in this event is the signing of a use agreement with the owners of the Mirabelli woodwork shop in Appleton village. The arrangement will allow shed members to use the space during normal working hours, throughout the year, to pursue more complex carpentry work and other crafts.

“It has been an exciting eight months for Naismith Men’s Shedders,” said Shed Leader Dave Steventon. “The members have worked hard, with this day as the goal, to develop the Shed from a simple idea in the Spring to what you see today; all the necessary tasks completed to establish the Naismith Men’s Shed as a functional, worthy participant in the Mississippi Mills community”.

“It gives over thirty shed members purpose, and a string of guys to call friends, either in the social environment of breakfasts (shedders love to eat!), retirement home drop-ins, social gatherings at the Mill gatehouse, or while pursuing crafts and hobbies at its MoK shed, Mirabelli workshop or during community projects”.

“Experiencing depression through loneliness or isolation is more lethal for men than heart attack or stroke. The Men’s Shed movement with over 2000 sheds worldwide, and in this case the Naismith Men’s Shed, meets the need unique in men to find support through socializing with other men and doing guy things.”

Anyone in the community is invited to visit our new shed website at  to learn more of what the Men’s Shed movement is all about.