Merrickville-Wolford Mayor candidate – Chuck MacInnis

Chuck MacInnis
Chuck MacInnis
Posted on: October 5, 2018

Chuck MacInnis Municipal Election Candidate Profile

Name: Chuck MacInnis

Municipality: Merrickville-Wolford

Position Sought: Mayor

Currently Retired or Working (where?): I am a retired police officer (OPP)

Former Elected Positions/Terms if applicable: Currently a Councillor for Merrickville Ward in Merrickville-Wolford. I have served one four-year term. I have taken a strong stand at council on all issues that come to the Council table. I have stood by my principles throughout this term of Council. I have used my experience, expertise and integrity to bring honest and informed leadership to this community because it is one of my deepest core values.

Community volunteer experience (service clubs, local committees, fundraising, etc):

I am an active community member:

  • Active member of Holy Trinity Anglican Church
  • Founding Committee Member of Run Merrickville
  • A Founding Member of Merrickville Rogue Poets
  • Served on the executive of the Road to Bethlehem
  • Founding Board Member for the Sharing Table
  • Volunteer at Loaves and Fishes in Brockville
  • Founding Board Member for the Friends of Crysler’s Farm Group
  • Led a church youth group
  • Chaired a Regional Child and Youth Committee


Top 3 issues facing your municipality and its residents that council has control or major influence over:

1. Infrastructure
2. Finances
3. Water and Sewer rates

Your solutions/approach to those 3 issues: 

Task the Economic Development Committee to present an economic plan that encompasses the rural and urban aspects of our municipality and to find innovative ways of attracting and retaining business.

Update the Asset Management Plan, Identify grants to repair or replace water and sewer lines and roads.

Task the Planning Advisory Committee to(1) review past planning decisions impacting residents and businesses and (2) make recommendations for improvements that encourage development and growth.

Set up an Ad Hoc Committee to review the financial implications of the current business model used for water/sewer billing and propose a sustainable model that does not overburden users.

Do you own (or have a stake in) or operate a commercial/industrial business in your municipality? (Including vacant development lands or rental units): I am a homeowner in Merrickville-Wolford.