Mississippi Mills council still debating new signs

Posted on: November 9, 2017

Harrison Field

It is one step forward and two steps back for a new Mississippi Mills welcome sign, as the latest design was not approved by council.  

“Right now the signs are so shabby I just want to get something done,” said Councillor John Edwards.  

The council will be looking to get quotes for a new sign.  The new design will look at removing the url from the current sign as well as add “Almonte Ramsey Pakenham” and increase the font from the current sign.  

Councillor Val Wilkinson suggested changing the blue from the current sign or adding a border, since the current blue blends with the sky, but the other councillors did not agree.  

While a number of councillors pointed out the quality of the hamlet welcome signs, it was also mentioned that each was hand-crafted. The municipality entrance signs are meant for mass production since there are a number of entrances to the municipality.  

Councillor Jill McCubbin and Mayor Shaun McLaughlin shared a desire to refurbish the municipality signs, leaving more money for hamlet signs in the future.  

The design that they are looking for will be similar to signs already in place, as the signs that are already up cannot be refurbished.  

The aim is to have the new signs installed in 2018.