Mississippi Mills Oct 3 Council Highlights

Posted on: October 5, 2017

Janet Morrison and Fraser Scantlebury, along with youth from Mississippi Mills came out to highlight the achievements of the Mississippi Mills Youth Centre after their first year in operation. There are more than 188 youth who take advantage of the programs and the Youth Centre is looking to expand their drop-in hours, programming and building community partnerships in the upcoming year. The Youth Centre is a great resource for our community and the youth in attendance commented on the positive and safe place that the centre provides them.

Council proclaimed October 16 – 22, 2017 as Waste Reduction Week. The Municipality is committed to reducing waste, conserving resources, and educating the community about sustainable living. Make sure to see our website and Facebook page for updates on how you can help reduce waste in our community.
Fire Chief, Pascal Meunier, presented a new Remuneration Policy for the Fire Department. The new policy, approved by Council, aims to provide a fair and standardized approach to firefighters’ honorariums, with no additional financial impact on the Municipality.

Council responded to Concession 4A Ramsay residents who asked for the speed limit on their road to be reduced. After reviewing the technical report from Public Works and the petition received from residents, Council voted to reduce the speed limit on Concession 4A to 60km/h.
A new pedestrian crossover will be installed on Bridge Street at the Veteran’s Memorial Walkway. The new crossover will provide a safe location for residents and students to cross Bridge Street. Council asked the Director of Roads and Public Works to install a signal on Malcolm Street indicating an upcoming pedestrian crossover, as well as signage at pedestrian crossovers reminding pedestrians to ensure it is safe to cross.

Council voted to re-establish Reserve Street as a two-way street. Staff received requests from residents in the area to change the designation of Reserve Street back to a two-way as there is no longer a rail crossing on Bridge Street which has eliminated safety concerns.
Council approved the proposed scope of work for the RFP for the service delivery review of the Recreation and Culture Department. Staff will report back to Council on the selection process and proposed timelines. Council is committed to identifying cost savings and inefficiencies.