New bylaws passed at Carleton Place town council meeting

Theresa Fritz, Brian Doucet, Diane Smithson CAO, Louis Antonakos, Sean Redmond, Ross Trimble, Doug Black. Photo credit: Brian Turner.
Posted on: March 15, 2018

Brian Turner

Carleton Place Town Council convened their regular council session on Tues., March 13 and passed a number of new bylaws. Among these were municipal legislations confirming the appointment of Diane Smithson as CAO, Trisa McConkey as Treasurer, and former treasurer Phil Hogan as deputy-treasurer. While all three have been acting in their respective positions for a number of weeks now, official recognition was required in bylaw form.

The normal speed of council procedure was decelerated somewhat by Mayor Louis Antonakos’ requests for recorded votes on a number of ratification motions on various council committee actions as well as the minutes of recent council sessions. At one point Antonakos requested that his comments in response to a communication from Deputy-Mayor Flynn (reviewed at the February 20th Community Issues Committee meeting) be included in that committee’s report but he was refused by council. The correspondence from Flynn (who was absent on March 13th) referred to a January 2016 email he sent to all members of council suggesting a visioning session be arranged off site of the town hall. It has never been acted upon since that date and at the Feb 20th meeting it was once again received and filed.

Under the Mayor’s announcement’s portion of the meeting, Antonakos confirmed that a fundraiser organized by Shannon Munro-Link in memory of her well known family relative Dale ‘Scoon” Scott was successful. It was held to raise money to purchase and install a park bench in Dale’s name. Dale was an energetic and dedicated community volunteer, fund-raiser, entertainer and former Carleton Place Citizen of the Year (2003) who passed away in 2008. Antonakos said plans will see Dale’s bench installed this June at the town’s market square.

Antonakos also reported that he had written to Ontario Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli requesting a meeting to discuss funding for the major costs of replacing the Bridge Street bridge after the province turned down financial assistance to repair it three times. He stated that Chiarelli’s office replied stating their intent to move forward to set up a meeting. The bridge will shortly be subjected to substantial load restrictions and engineering reports confirm it cannot be simply repaired but requires replacement. Preliminary figures recently floated between staff and council put the price tag between $9M and $10M.