New chiropractor says chiro is about more than just manipulations

Dr. Brazeau
Dr. Jennifer Brazeau is a new chiropractor at Restorative Health in Smiths Falls. Photo submitted.
Posted on: August 14, 2017

Jane Hobson

“A big part of well being is to be able to function properly and do the activities you want to do,” says Dr. Jennifer Brazeau, who joined Restorative Health chiropractic clinic in Smiths Falls in January. “To me, having the option to move is at the base of general well-being.”

Brazeau also treats patients at Cordick Chiropractic and Optimum Health Clinic in Perth.

Both clinics serve Smiths Falls, Perth, Lanark County Lombardy and Merrickville.

Brazeau says there are many misconceptions about chiropractic. Many people tend to think chiropractors are only good for manipulating the spine but chiropractic is actually good for a whole lot more.

“It’s a team effort in terms of providing what I can for the patient and figuring out what the patient can carry out on their own in the future to make their function, motion and life that much better,” says Brazeau, who received her Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2015.

Chiropractic treatment involves many manual therapies that go beyond just spinal manipulation. Chiropractors often use soft tissue therapy, assisted stretching, mobilization, lifestyle education, exercise rehabilitation and more to treat their patients. Both clinics offer a variety of services, like massage therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, active release technique, orthotic and ergonomics consulting.

“We are on team patient. We’re here to help you and there are many different techniques we can use,” she says. Often times, Brazeau says chiropractors will bring a registered massage therapist or family medical doctor on board the process to make sure the patient is getting all the care they need. This is called patient-centered care. “Our goals are your goals – we want to find the best way to get you back to you.”

Brazeau says working in a small town is important to her because it allows her to connect with people on a more personal level than working in a big city does. “The longer you work with someone, the more you develop that connection and help them meet their goals. It makes it really worth it.”

“A small town is where I’m happiest, I know how to live in a small town,” says Brazeau, who grew up around the Merrickville area. “I was always travelling to Perth and Smiths Fall so they are both very familiar to me.”

Brazeau says she was drawn to pursue chiropractic because she has always been an active person. She was on the varsity fencing team and was the co-captain for the women’s épée team while taking her health and ageing undergrad at McMaster University.

Whether it’s being able to build a bonfire, pick up a grandchild or skate on the canal, Brazeau says everyone should have the ability to live an active, functional lifestyle. “There shouldn’t be a barrier between someone and the movements they’re able to make.”

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