New gas station and car wash coming to Smiths Falls

Posted on: June 20, 2017

Chris Must

Smiths Falls town councillors are supporting a proposal to build a new gas station and car wash on Lombard Street.

The new business, a Petro Canada station, car wash and convenience is to be located at 96 Lombard St., between Scotiabank and Walmart, councillors were told in a planning department report presented June 19.  The space is currently occupied by a vacant building which formerly housed a boat works service shop.

The town’s planning staff have recommended that council approve the plans, submitted by business owner Pardeep Rai. A bylaw to authorize a site plan control agreement will be voted on by council at a June 26 meeting.

6 thoughts on “New gas station and car wash coming to Smiths Falls

  1. Christine

    We need a swimming pool and other entertainment for the kids in town broke we need another gas bar/car wash…this is outrageous that the town would think of a gas bar before a pool or something that would good go our children…most of the Council needs to be replaced with people that really care not ones that pretend they give a dam.

  2. Ashley

    Do we truly need ANOTHER gas station? What about all the one we currently have ? Esso Elwood’s macs drummonds Canadian tire and the one across from county diner as well as the one beside Bennetts bait and tackle what happens to these businesses??? They suffer more and for what another has station! Let’s bring one more here so we can shut down one of the smaller family owned ones! Way to go!

  3. Brenda Orton

    That area is already way too congested! Why wouldn’t you choose an area that can handle an easier flow of traffic in and out! Will you have the foresight of improving the road there first.

  4. Sue Andre

    Thats typical town planning. Its hard enough trying to drive out that way at any time now. Why on earth would they think we need another gas station especially in that area? Bring in more businesses to employ people. Do the job you were elected to do.

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