13 thoughts on “New logo celebrates past, present and future of Smiths Falls

  1. Jane Mcneely

    Would have preferred seeing this task left to a local designer supporting our own talents and further more to me the “S” looks like a “$” which we are lacking …..

  2. Amanda

    Why couldn’t the town get a local to design it? And was that really the best way to spend $90k??? Fix the bridge, fix the roads! Could of spent that money better for sure. Disappointed it wasn’t a local who designed it.

  3. Rachael

    We have some really talented artists right here IN Smiths Falls!!! It’s too bad they weren’t givin a chance to be apart of the creating of their towns logo and history.

  4. Elizabeth

    The logo is fine, I think it’s really nice. It’s the slogan “Rise with the Falls” …

  5. Colleen Kenny

    The logo is great BUT the slogan is a challenge to say let alone try to explain to those not from S.F. We that live in Smith falls don’t need to know that we need to rise up from the ashes of the devastation of what has happened to our small town we need something a little more upbeat left everyone’s spirits and easier to explain when asked what the heck is that slogan mean from an outsider.

  6. Dean Buchanan

    Thought we were the “heart of the Rideau cana” l a world Heritage site something a lot of people worked hard to get certified if you want history go back to the first logo with the steam engine on it. Tried to get on webpage and I could,’t. Should of saved money and put it towards Confederation Drive bridge replacement.

  7. Trudy

    Does everything done in this town need to have so many negative people/comments! Yes it cost money and yes it could have been designed by someone local and yes an S could represent money (but our town does start with an S so what other letter should be used?) BUT it’s done now so let’s accept that and move on. Let’s support the new logo with pride!

  8. joanne

    Very disappointing! Expected much more! Money could have been better spent. Thought it had something to do with a viking sail. A canoe going over a falls would have made better sense.Hard to support stupidity.

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