New look for old building at 1 Chambers Street

Karl Grenke, planner with Smiths Falls, says there might be more money to come for refurbishment of old building at 1 Chambers Street. Photo credit: Sally Smith.
Posted on: May 15, 2018

Sally Smith

The front corner of the uniquely shaped building at 1 Chambers Street is getting a make-over. The building has been periodically vacant over the years; the proposal is to refurbish it under a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) grant to contain an ice-cream shop on the lower level (Sweet Scoops, to open year-round), and offices for the Hometown News on the upper floor. The applicant is Patricia Krotki.

Cost of the work is estimated at $63,623 which includes in-kind contribution of labour by the applicants. Under Program 1 of the CIP grant (façade and landscape improvement), the CIP evaluation committee agreed to approve 50 percent of the cost for a total of $2,762; under Program 2 of the CIP grant (building, restoration, renovation and improvement), the committee agreed, again, to approve 50 percent of the asking cost for a total of $12, 596.

The committee could consider additional funding and support the application especially as it is consistent with the objectives of the Downtown Revitalization and Waterfront Integration Master Plan. At the moment, there is a balance of $83,520 in the CIP reserve fund; the proposed grant to Krotki is $15,359, “with potential of more to come,” said Karl Grenke, Smiths Falls planner.

  • There will be no chickens within Smiths Falls’ town boundaries. Councillor Brennan didn’t want to run “afowl” of Councillor Maloney who suggested he’d rather have goats.
  • A pilot project will be initiated re a minimal town staff working until 7 p.m. one night a week.
  • Council is “bubbling over” with excitement at the redevelopment of the original building at 1 Hershey Drive plus an additional 126, 637 sq. ft. for manufacturing purposes.
  • Two half-ton trucks will be purchased to replace two 13-year-old trucks.
  • Sidewalks will be constructed on the west side of Condie Street for a savings of $13,000 if the sidewalks were to be constructed on both sides.