New parking restrictions take effect Feb. 27 in Carleton Place

Posted on: February 22, 2017

Matthew Behrens

In response to larger than normal snow accumulation, Carleton Place council has introduced new parking restrictions effective Monday, Feb. 27. As of that date, parking will be prohibited 24/7 on the even numbered side of streets that normally allow parking on both sides of town thoroughfares.

The new measures, which are in effect until further notice, arose out concerns that roadways have become narrowed to the point where both the normal flow of traffic as well as accessibility for emergency vehicles are impacted.

Given the new prohibition’s short notice, and no plans to erect temporary street signage, the town will quickly roll out a special message notifying residents on the municipal website and through its social media channels (including a new app).
While this week’s thaw will ease the snowbank problem, Director of Protective Services Les Reynolds envisions the temporary restrictions in place at least until the end of March.

Members of council expressed sympathy with residents for whom street parking is already at a premium. While those in violation of the new restrictions will face ticketing, Mayor Antonakos asked that town staff exercise caution before removing cars. In the event a tow is required, council agreed that cars would be taken to the library parking lot without a charge to vehicles owners, as per the town’s normal winter parking practices.

Council will evaluate the results of this temporary parking ban before deciding on whether it should become a permanent part of winter road management.

12 thoughts on “New parking restrictions take effect Feb. 27 in Carleton Place

  1. Lynne Johnson

    You need balance, just like watering the lawns. Odd numbers on odd days and even numbers on even days. Even-numbered houses bear the whole burden for winter snow. That is not fair. I hope it is not because our Mayor lives on an odd-numbered side of Napoleon….!

    1. Dave Morley

      I agree. I live on Lake Ave. East of, and same side as the Hospital and it is already a nightmare trying to get out of my laneway. People are too cheap to pay for parking at the hospital, so they crowd my laneway. Its not like the old days when people would stop and wave you out. I hope our Mayor takes more into consideration. He’s far brighter than this idea.

    2. Olivia Goudreault

      No! That would just confuse us too much, I already have trouble keeping track of the odd/even watering days!

      1. Olivia

        Just to clarify- I like the new parking ban and not the idea of even and odd.

        Great job CP, now can we do something about clearing the sidewalks properly?

  2. Elf

    I am in agreement with the parking ban.
    We still have a neighbor who parks in the street and does not clean his parking entrance.
    The snow trucks go around him.

  3. Kev

    Just park on the other side of the street. Does it really matter that much that you need to try to defame one of the best mayors this town has had?
    Grow up.
    Carleton Place #1
    Go Packers.

  4. Jo

    That’s not fair?! Wah wah wah … such a whiner. Unless we end up with another ridiculous amount of snow, I would imagine the ‘ban’ won’t last very long anyways while they clear the snow banks (which they’ve already started) KISS – keep it simple stupid. One side. Obey it. That’s that.

  5. Wendy Wood

    It would be helpful if the affected roads are listed and signage posted. Hate to have visitors come to the area and receive a welcome to Carleton Place ticket!

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