New police vehicle to join Smiths Falls fleet this spring

Posted on: January 11, 2017

Chris Must 

The Smiths Falls Police Service is planning to replace one of its vehicles with a new Ford Explorer costing about $45,000.

Police Chief Mark McGillivray spoke to town councillors Jan. 9 to request pre-budget approval to buy the vehicle. He said the service normally replaces one vehicle each year “to keep our fleet healthy.”

Police forces have begun buying SUV-type vehicles, McGillivray explained, because new model sedans lack sufficient interior space to be suitable for police operations.

The new Ford should be on the road by the end of April. 

2 thoughts on “New police vehicle to join Smiths Falls fleet this spring

  1. Jan

    A new vehicle each year? How old is the average vehicle chosen for retirement? How much of the purchase price is recouped when the retired vehicle is sold? Does that money go back into the budget? If the new sedans didn’t have ‘enough room for police operations’, they should have been exchanged. SUVs mean not only more initial money to buy, but more to convert, and higher gasoline bills and maintenance costs.

    1. Chilly Falls

      I’m sure they have about 10 vehicles. 6 patrol, and 4 for administrative (traffic court, criminal court located in Perth). That means a car would be used 8-9 years. High mileage means almost no resale value. I agree that cars today are too small for the needs of the department. When you call 911 for a break and enter in your home, do you want them showing up in smart cars?

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