New and unique fitness facility coming to Smiths Falls

Posted on: November 3, 2017

April Scott-Clarke

Construction started on Oct. 30 for a new fitness facility in Smiths Falls. Owner Natatia Gemmell says this new gym will be different than anything the town has seen.

Gemmell, who’s become well-known in the community for her training expertise through Natatia’s One-on-One Fitness, is opening Functional Performance Fitness in the County Fair Mall.

As the name suggests, the gym will focus on functional movement and training but will be much more than a place for people to get their sweat on. It will bring a team of healthcare and childcare providers all under one roof — yes, childcare.

“I think this child care is going to be a big deal. It’s something we need in the town,” says Gemmell. “There are so many stay at home moms that will now be able to do more for themselves and can take care of themselves while the kids are being cared for.”

Child care will be provided to members during scheduled hours, as well as access to massage therapy and physiotherapy. Other benefits include showers and infrared saunas in each of the men’s and women’s change rooms.

Of course, the facility will provide traditional group fitness classes ranging from yoga to TRX, pilates, Zumba, strength, cardio and boxing, as well as personal training and senior specific programming.

“It’s always been my vision to have a facility to offer all of these services under one roof. If we can all work together as a team to better someone’s health and better their quality of life, it will be amazing,” she says.

The new fitness facility will be located in the space that was previously occupied by the Dollar Store, and members will have 24-hour access to all 6,000 square feet of it.

Membership information is not yet available but Gemmell expects to have packages and pricing worked out by mid-November.

And with this new facility comes opportunity as well. Gemmell will be looking for personal trainers, group instructors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, front desk attendants and child care workers to be part of her team.

Those interested in applying can email to

So when can we expect to see this new gym unveiled? If all goes as planned, it will open in January 2018.