Nine year tree replacement plan approved in Perth

Posted on: January 18, 2017

By Sally Smith

A recommendation to cut down three ash trees in poor conditionand plant three new trees in downtown Perth each year over a nine year period was approved in Committee of the Whole in Perth on Jan. 17,  but not before some discussion.

Mayor John Fenik said if theyre going to die, lets cut them down,” referring to all of the ash trees in the downtown core.

Grant Machan, director of environmental services, explained that Eco-Tree Care Inc (ETC). looked at the health of the trees this past summer and found evidence of Emerald Ash Borer. Their finding was that of the 27 ash trees downtown, three are in poorcondition, 16 in faircondition and eight in goodcondition.

ETC recommended treating those trees in fair and good condition with TreeAzin, a bio-insecticide; this recommendation was not acceptable due to the cost of the chemicals. Removal cost of the trees in poor condition is estimated at $600 per tree; the replacement and installation cost for three trees is $500 per tree. The cost over nine years is $30,240.54 to be funded from the 2017 budget.

Machan, replying to Feniks statement, explained that cutting down all ash trees (including healthy ones) would be in violation of [the Towns] tree policy.

Photo by Sally Smith:  Grant Machan, director of environmental services, defends nine-year tree replacement plan.