‘No’ to chickens in backyard in Smiths Falls

Posted on: April 24, 2018

Sally Smith

Council was asked for direction by staff on allowing chickens to be kept in a residential area; staff’s recommendation is to deny the request under the Animal Control bylaw, as it may set a precedent. Resident Andrew Howard has asked for an exemption. “My wife and I were hoping that council would consider allowing families…in areas not zoned rural, to install chicken coups and have a limited number of chickens. We are  hoping to show our children the relationship between the food they eat and the animals involved.”

Councillor Allen opted for Option 2 which would allow backyard hens adding, a little tongue-in-cheek, it’s good for children to keep a pet that can become dinner at the end of the day. Councillor Brennan opted for Option 1, to deny the request, as did Mayor Pankow. Councillor Cummings asked for more investigation – economic perspective, inspections, permits. Councillor Quinn also asked for more information. “There are dogs and cats not looked after in the town. I can see problems with chickens not being looked after.” Councillor Gallipeau wondered about licensing and feed, both costly elements of keeping chickens.