Novatech recommended for Lombard/Abbot signals

Corner of Lombard and Abbott Street
Posted on: September 11, 2018

Sally Smith

The Director of Public Works and Utilities, Troy Dunlop, asked council to adopt the recommendation to award Novatech Engineers, Planners and Landscape Architects for the design of the Lombard and Abbott Street signalization upgrades. Of the three proposals submitted, Novatech priced out in the middle at $68,258. The three were scored under five criteria and Novatech addressed all of the design objectives and offered “the best overall value.”

Dunlop said the firm has the “most experienced team, the lead designer has 40 years local experience, and the designer/contractor provides maintenance service.” He added it was the “only proposal to include a geotechnical program” which was critical in terms of evaluation, and that it falls within the budget.

The timeline (originally the end of February) will now be the end of April.

Some discussion ensued regarding the difference in “hours” between the proposals; Dunlop’s thinking was that as approvals had to be sought from Parks Canada, the RVCA and the MTO, and if approvals were not included in the “hours” in the proposal, it’s “generally considered extra work.”

The 2018 budget allowance for the work is $65,000 with $20,815 funded by the federal gas tax and $44,185 funded from capital reserves.