Old Rideau Hotel gets site plan control agreement from Town

Gary Smith, Acting Senior Planner, recommended a site plan control agreement for the old Rideau Hotel Monday at CoW. Photo credit: Sally Smith.
Posted on: April 10, 2018

Sally Smith

The historic Rideau Hotel (20 Beckwith Street N) is on track with a site plan control agreement between the Town and the owner for mixed-use residential and commercial redevelopment. It will include the establishment of 25 residential units (one and two-bedroom) and three commercial units on site.

Site plan control looks at the logistics of the site design which includes (but is not limited to) parking, landscaping and exterior design. The old hotel lot usage is going to expand and consolidate into a single parcel to include the alley (24 Beckwith St. N), the Salon (6 William Street W) and the Chiropractic Office at 12 William Street N.

The old hotel was also designated a heritage structure in1986 under the Ontario Heritage Act.

The site, after discussions between Town staff and owners, has been designed to function safely and harmoniously within the neighbourhood. Certain logistical and design elements, however, will be considered as part of an amending agreement in the future: the portico, facia materials, and window restoration.

Gary Smith, Acting Senior Planner with the Town, brought the site plan control agreement to CoW Monday recommending that the Mayor and Clerk authorize the proposed redevelopment. As an aside, Smith commented that, to date, 310 tons of stone have “been walked out of the hotel, bucket in hand,” in the early cleaning up of the site.

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  1. Rick wilson

    Nice old building , that apparently was beautiful in its early years , I Drank in there in its down word cycle , so would be nice to see it brought back to tip top again . Bet a lot of people are glad those walls don’t talk lol

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