Am I the only one: Tobacco addiction

Posted on: November 19, 2018

Carrie Wynne

In April of 1994 on the front page of the New York Times there’s an infamous picture of 9 tobacco executives standing in court declaring under oath that Cigarettes Aren’t Addictive.
In November of 2017, after successfully delaying for 11 years, the tobacco companies began a court-ordered advertisement campaign admitting the variety of ways they manipulated the public, including that they designed cigarettes to be more addictive and lied about it.
Experts found that Big Tobacco companies genetically engineered their tobacco crops to contain two times the amount of nicotine and adjusted their cigarette design so that the nicotine delivered to smokers increased by 14.5 percent.

The result of these “innovations” in cigarette design is devastating. The surgeon general found that “today’s cigarette smokers — both men and women — have a much higher risk for lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) than smokers in 1964, despite smoking fewer cigarettes. Even though there are fewer smokers today than there were decades ago, smoking remains the number one cause of preventable death. 7 million people die every year from tobacco addiction. 45,000 Canadians every year. That’s 120 people per day.

We should be suing the tobacco companies for destroying our health, families, freedom and finances.

Smokers need to keep giving it their best shot at trying to quit. If you relapse, go at it again. Eventually it will stick. Until then you’re just a nicotine slave—a puppet on the string the tobacco company pulls.

The lies and deception will continue as these multinational tobacco companies enter the vaping and ecig market. If you’re smoking nicotine you are playing with fire. Addiction is the business model and big tobacco likes control.
The multi billion dollar tobacco industry should be paying additional corporate tax such as a polluters tax and a black lung health tax.

We need politicians and health officials with enough grit to stand against big tobacco. Sold on every street corner 24 hours per day 7 days a week isn’t exactly leading any charge.

We must create a movement around tobacco-free stores offering incentives and subsidies to prop up a proud tobacco-free retailer.

We need to get busy and solve this problem. To take the big and the promise out of tobaccos future we need unity among nations, smokers and non-smokers. Separate camps work well for the tobacco industry.

The tobacco companies have increased their prices 8 times since the last federal election. Small frequent price changes to line the shareholders’ pockets with more cash.

Canadians deserve better protection from such harmful corporate greed.  Am I The Only One?