OPP officer arrested for sexual assault

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Posted on: May 23, 2017


On Friday May 19 an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer from Eastern Ontario was arrested as a result of an ongoing domestic investigation conducted by the OPP Professional Standards Bureau (PSB). The investigation stems from incidents that are alleged to have occurred while the officer was off duty.

As a result a 39-year-old, 16-year veteran of the OPP has been arrested and charged with one count of criminal harassment and two counts of sexual assault.

The officer was held in custody and was released on a recognizance of bail with conditions on May 23. Additionally, the officer has been suspended from duty with pay in accordance to the Police Services Act of Ontario.

In order to prevent any re-victimization, the OPP will not be releasing the name of the officer or the location of the court, as this could potentially identify the victim.

10 thoughts on “OPP officer arrested for sexual assault

  1. Rebecca jackson

    Well he is a pedofile his name belongs out there. He is a disgusting waste of a human being! This is why i dont trust Police. Most are corrupt and others can be swayed. Not cool. Also he should have been fired without pay he doesnt deserve to get paid for the sexual acts on miners.

    1. James Ae

      No where in this story does it say “pedofile” or does it ever imply that “miners” were involved.

    2. J Shea

      no where there does it state or imply that he is a pedophile. That is an alternative fact that does not apply here. Nor anything about minors…it is all in the comprehension of the article.

  2. Marie

    No, we don’t have a “right” to know. We just want to know, especially because he is a police officer. Many times the name of a sexual offender is not released to the public when it could identify the victim. (Usually a family member.) That is not protecting the offender. It’s protecting the privacy of the victim.

  3. Rose

    I believe this is as stated a domestic issue,,and by not naming him it is protecting his wife/spouse,from further victimization. Just as they do in other domestic cases.
    The media has decided to print that he is a veteran OPP,because he is suppose to be a figure of authority,and he has abused that power.That is my take on this story,, I could be wrong.

  4. Christal

    He definatly should not get paid and should be suspended from work! I do agree alot of officers are totally corrupt, but as it should be for EVERYONE…innocent till proven guilty! If it wasnt a cop the punisment would probably be worse if found guilty, cops definatly get special treatment and its bs! I do believe in keeping everyones names private until the offender being found guilty, in which then the name should be released, to protect others who may cross paths with this person, specially when its a sexual assult case! It doesnt say anywhere that this man is bring charged with sexual assault on a child/minor….soo calling him a pedopile might be unjust and could potentially ruin someones life for nothing! In the end he should be suspended WITHOUT PAY untill this is done in court and if found bot guilty, ONLY then should he be reimbursed for his lost wages at work!

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