O’Reilly’s Ale House Perth; a traditional public house thrives and defines community

O'reily's Ale House
Photo credit: Brian Turner.
Posted on: May 1, 2018

Brian Turner

When current owners Dan and Mary Catherine Allatt purchased a popular dining facility on Perth’s main street back in 2012 they had a clear vision of what they wanted to create.  They wanted O’Reilly’s Ale House to be infused with the atmosphere of a traditional public house where people gathered for company and personal reconnections as much as they came for great food and libations.  As Perth has always maintained its small town charm throughout the years and is inhabited by some of the friendliest beings in the land, this vision is a perfect fit.

First, O’Reilly’s benefits from being located on the corner of Gore and Herriott streets. They are smack dab in the middle of Perth’s extremely picturesque shopping district in a century stone building with plenty of large windows to warm you in natural light.  They have a well-designed outdoor patio facing Herriott Street that buzzes with customers as soon as the sap starts to run until long after fall colours are done.

Inside you’ll find a bar that will challenge the best in the UK for its ability to call any and all travelers to come, sit, and reward themselves with any number of craft beers, ales, or refreshing beverages.  If the seating arrangements seem, well, intimate, it was by Dan’s design.  He wanted a place for great food and conversation that provided a space to meet and make new friends.  I’d like to be able to refer to the menu as standard pub fare, but there’s nothing standard about it.  Yes you can find house-made burgers, fries, and fish and chips, but you can also select from gnocchi poutine (served with shredded duck, and crispy fried onions), halloumi crostini, shanghai noodle salad, and their famous house made focaccia pizzas (just to name a few).  All dishes are hand-crafted using the best of locally sourced ingredients.

My business partner and I dropped in recently on a Thursday afternoon and were glad we made reservations because the place was packed at 1:00 pm!  I chose the fish and chip plate while my partner had the pesto chicken club served on sourdough bread.  Both came with a choice of hand-cut fries or salad and the relatively rare option to split those sides to include both.  My beer-battered cod was light and tasty with just the right amount of crust crunch and the fries would stand up to comparison with the best chip-truck offerings.  The pesto club chicken was also done to perfection, being well cooked but still moist; and its double-smoked bacon topping along with a house-made pesto mayo added just the right complement of flavouring and texture. 

As this was a business lunch we passed on alcoholic beverages, but from previous visits I can attest to their well-stocked bar with good selections from the lager, amber ale, wheat, IPA, porter, and stout varieties and menu tips on each for food pairing.

Prices for apps range from $7-$14 and plates run from $10-$21.  Bring your appetite for no one leaves hungry.  You can check out their offerings and schedules for live Friday night entertainment at oreillyspubperth.com or call them at 613 267 7994.  But your best bet is to head over to 43 Gore St East in Perth to join the community that O’Reilly’s is proud to foster and support.

They are open Tuesdays through Saturdays and on Sundays during the summer.  Hours range from about 11:00 am to 11:00 pm and slightly longer on the weekends.  There is one short step to the front door.

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