Ottawa Valley author pens Rideau Lakes mysteries

Patricia Josefchak.
Ottawa Valley author, Patricia Josefchak. Photo submitted.
Posted on: September 26, 2017


It was in March 2017 that Patricia Josefchak released her latest title, Provenance of the Stones, published by Burnstown Publishing House.  

Patricia Josefchak is an Ottawa Valley author who calls Otter Lake home.  It is the first in her new Rideau Lakes Mystery series.

The novel is a historic mystery set in 1850s Province of Canada of three young women who immigrate and settle in the Rideau Lakes Township of the Ottawa Valley.  

Drawn to each other like sisters, Aggie, Jen, and Donnah decide to journey together, and Aggie lands with more than she started with.  They travel inland and settle in a cottage not far from Perth and Smiths Falls in Upper Canada, now known as the Rideau Lakes. Aggie’s gift as a healer is welcome in the wilderness; Donnah is a first-rate cook and finds work at a local inn, as does Jen, who is a seamstress.

Aggie tends to a neighbour who has a large homestead nearby; his injury remains unexplained, but she does not pry. Trust and new friendships are tested.  But later she learns that he and others are involved with events south of the border where civil discord is brewing. 

The cottage is burgled, and the small safe hidden behind a stone in the fireplace is discovered; papers are lost, fortunes are found, and love is rekindled. 

“My inspiration? I’m drawn to visual cues such as historic pictures, sketches, paintings, maps, artifacts… Then I find myself trying to describe what I see in words… for you to imagine in your own way,” she says. “In Provenance of the Stones, I was drawn to an old sketch of a 19th century sailing ship and wondered what kind of person would have the strength of character to step aboard and why; what would motivate someone to leave their home to land many weeks later on a far away and foreign shore…?  I found Aggie, my heroine, in that sketch.  I give my characters leave to take over and weave the story… I never know how my stories will end.”   

So far, her book is receiving strong interest and readership and she’s being asked when the sequel will be available.  According to Josefchak, ‘The sequel, entitled, Touchstones – Provenance of the Stones – Book II will be released this fall.  And I’m working on Book III.”

Does she hope to have a best-seller?  “It’s not my motivation, but I’ll have fun trying.  I have been writing since I was a child – I love to write, everything else is a bonus.”

Provenance of the Stones is available from Burnstown Publishing House (BPH) at and at several independent booksellers including Arlies in Smiths Falls; The Book Nook in Perth; Kilborn’s on the Rideau in Newboro; and Merrickville Book Emporium in Merrickville.

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