Parks Canada opens area lock stations on Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal
Posted on: July 27, 2017


Parks Canada announces the re-opening of Jones Falls, Davis, Detached, Combined, Old Slys, Edmonds and Kilmarnock Locks. This is in addition to Brass Point Swing Bridge, Poonamalie, Beveridges, Ottawa, Narrows, and Newboro lock stations, which opened on June 26.

The open stretch will permit boaters to navigate through from the top end of Merrickville all the way through to the top end of Chaffeys.

Parks Canada thanks the public for their patience and cooperation at this time while our team works hard to manage water on the system as levels stabilize after an unprecedented amount of precipitation across the system.

Visitors are advised to exercise caution around high flowing water, especially as flows on some part of the system are well above seasonal norms. All boaters are reminded to watch their wake as these can be dangerous and damaging to property along the canal.

The team at Parks Canada is hopeful they will be able to achieve a full re-opening of the waterway within the next 12-24 hours.