Perth considers live-streaming for provincial major baseball tourney

Posted on: March 9, 2017

Sally Smith

Perth Committee of the Whole (CoW) heard on March 7 that, once again, the provincial baseball tournament for Major-level 11- and 12-year-old teams is coming to Perth mid-summer.

Pat Habel, co-chair of the tournament, made a pitch to CoW asking for $7,800 to pay for live-streaming of the tourney. Its the best return on your investment,she said, adding that Town Crier Brent McLaren will be announcing all games and messages, further enhancing the pitch.

More out of council this week

Mayor Fenik asked if the town would own the intellectual property and footage. When answered yes, he commented that a video like this could promote everything we doin the future – corporate, commercial, plus others. Fenik suggested the BIA, the Chamber of Commerce, and Shannon Baillon, Perth director of community services, look at the marketing possibilities and give us some input.

Councillor Jim Graff added, in his opinion, the money [asked for] was not that expensive for the rewards.Councillor John Gemmell wanted to know copyright rules. Can anyone just show up and start recording?” he asked. He was assured this couldnt happen.

CoW asked staff to report back to council on March 28 with input on what possibilities could be opened up by live-streaming, and videoing the tournament. Council members unanimously agreed.